• A bacterial disease caused by a salmonella strain (Salmonella typhimurium variety Copenhagen)
  • Generally carried between birds through shared food and water
  • Outbreaks are common during the breeding season


  • Cock birds may appear fine one day, be dead the next
  • Hens show weight loss, sticky droppings, swollen wing joint at elbow
  • Eggs turn black and appear rotten
  • Hatchlings begin to hatch then die in shell
  • Seven to ten day old youngsters show diarrhea, dehydration and death – often, of two in a nest, only one is affected
  • Twisting of the neck may occur, but this is more common with PMV


An antibiotic such as Baytril, which may be prescribed by a vet, is generally given


  • This bacteria likes alkaline substances, dislikes acid substances. Treat drinking water with apple cider vinegar.
  • Ensure rodents cannot gain access to the pigeon housing
  • Strict hygeine